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Eddie Sturman

Technical Lead, Sturman Industries


Described by a corporate manager as being “one of America’s greatest natural resources,” Eddie Sturman is a leader in improving process control and mechanical system design. He earned a Masters degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Southern California, in addition to a degree in Business. Known for his intensely positive attitude and simple and innovative solutions for mechanical system challenges, he generates numerous inventions annually. Throughout his nearly 50-year career, Eddie has been named as inventor in more than 150 patents. The number and significance of his patents continue to grow. Eddie pioneered ‘latching’ valves, as a result of his need to develop a more efficient valve for the Apollo space program. In 2003, Eddie was honored by the United States Space Foundation for applying this enabling space technology “to benefit Planet Earth.” in the form of a new series of advanced digital valves used for engine controls.

Eddie’s vision for Sturman Industries is one that inspires a culture of innovation. His goal is to create simple, efficient, needed, safe and economical solutions to the mobility, environmental and energy-related problems of the world. His opinion and advice is sought by many; from those in the diesel mobility industry, as well as from government leaders looking for better ways to solve some of the big problems facing our nation and the globe. Safe, energy-efficient products that help preserve the Earth’s natural resources continue to be his aim.

A native of Israel, Eddie’s first inventions to go to production were solar-powered, sensor-controlled irrigation systems. Eddie became the leader in developing “digital” valves, which bring the advantages of digital controls to the mechanical world as we have seen in electronics applications - miniaturization, improved performance and reduced cost. His digital valves are smaller, faster, and controlled far more precisely than traditional analog valves, allowing faster interfacing with new electronics making it possible to create intelligent, ultra-fast responding mechanical systems.

Sturman has been applying his new “enabling” valve technology to the automotive and truck industries by focusing on improving internal combustion engine control system and developing improved combustion strategies. Eddie’s goal was to provide a practical way to improve fuel economy and eliminate poisonous emissions through the use of his technology and improved system designs without exotic and potentially unhealthy, unsafe and expensive after-treatment alternatives.

Sturman Industries was founded in 1989, by Eddie and his wife, Carol, with a mission to “Improve the world through Sturman innovative technology and corporate culture,” by providing a working environment and a living example that promote creativity and teamwork. Sturman Industries works with major companies worldwide that are interested in the benefits of the Sturman hydraulic digital valve controls and improved system designs. With the support of more than 70 team members, Eddie Sturman is bringing the mechanical world into the digital age.

Eddie, with his wife Carol, presented a TEDx talk in October 2015. Their talk, “A Global Solution: Environment, Energy, Economy” can be viewed here: