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Carol Sturman

Founder and President, Sturman Industries


Carol Sturman earned her Bachelor of Science degree in education with a minor in Art from the University of Minnesota in 1967. She completed her graduate courses in art and design at UC Northridge and UCLA in California. Her professional experience began with teaching. Moving into sales, she spent ten years with a large regional California real estate company where she advanced to the position of Vice President in residential home sales.

In 1989 Carol founded a research and development company specializing in the application of high tech digital controls technology in mechanical systems, based on the technology invented by Eddie Sturman, the technical leader of the company, who became a partner with Carol in Sturman Industries in 1990. As the founder and President, Carol was responsible for the company start up, corporate business culture development, contract negotiation and facility location and design.

In the first six years, Carol helped lead the company’s business growth at a rate of approximately 100% annually. Sturman Industries, now located in Colorado, is a multi-million dollar company with 75 employees. The company enjoys successful relationships with major customers in the United States, Europe and Japan.

In 1995 Carol was responsible for site selection and construction of Sturman Industries’ award winning corporate headquarters and R&D Center in Woodland Park, Colorado. It is situated in a unique high country setting on a wooded 600-acre campus that includes 100,000 square feet of facilities. With her background in design, business and a strong commitment to environmental integrity, Carol led the development and construction of the corporate campus. With its natural setting, open space and formal design utilizing stone wood and glass, the headquarters and campus have been recognized for its innovative and creative environment and integration with the natural surroundings.

Besides the stunning environment, Carol has played a significant role in leading Sturman team members in the formation of their nationally recognized culture: a corporate structure that is devoid of formal hierarchy, with an emphasis on respect and teamwork. Carol inspires courage and innovation in Sturman team members with her “Dare To Dream” philosophy.

Compelled by her desire to share the company’s successful culture with others, in 2006 Carol initiated the Sturman Innovation Way Seminar series, training sessions dedicated to “teaching” innovation, corporate responsibility and the company’s digital technology as well as the Sturman R.I.T.E R.O.A.D. culture. Additionally, Carol works with local private and public colleges and universities, environmental groups and businesses dedicated to creative leadership and innovation. These efforts contribute to the realization of the Sturman mission: “To make a positive contribution to the world through our innovative technology and corporate culture.”

In 2007 Ms. Sturman was nominated for the Society of Automotive Engineers prestigious J. Cordell Breed Award for Women Leaders. Out of 27 nominees, Ms. Sturman was announced as the winner of the award presented at the 2008 SAE World Congress, attended by tens of thousands of international participants held annually in April in Detroit, Michigan

Carol, with her husband, Eddie, presented a TEDx talk in October 2015. Their talk, “A Global Solution: Environment, Energy, Economy” can be viewed here: