Harold Force

President and CEO, Force Construction Co., Inc.; Executive Vice President, Force Design, Inc.


Mr. Harold Force is President and CEO of Force Construction Co., Inc., and Executive Vice President of Force Design. He joined the family company full time in 1974 after completing his studies at Purdue and was named president of Force Construction in 1980. Force has witnessed the growth of civil engineering over the years, using his firsthand knowledge to help advise the School of Civil Engineering as a member and chair of its Advisory Board. One of the ways in which Force has influenced change at Purdue can be seen in the emerging architectural engineering emphasis of the civil engineering curriculum. This was driven, in part, by his own experience with Force Design, Inc., which offers engineering and architectural design services for the company's design-build projects. The new area of study was a response, as well, to students who sought study and practice that involved the interface of architecture and civil engineering with building design and construction. The Bowen Laboratory for large-scale civil engineering research was also the result of collaboration among civil engineering advisory board members, faculty, and key donors during Force's tenure as chairman. Whether championing new areas of study at Purdue, overseeing nearly 200 projects for Japanese and Japanese joint venture companies establishing operations in Indiana and the United States, or presiding over the Columbus, Indiana, Economic Development Board, Force has found a myriad of ways to contribute to a profession that continues to intrigue him.