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Emily M. Liggett

Chief Executive Officer, NovaTorque, Inc.


Ms. Emily Maddox Liggett joined DuPont as a field engineer after receiving her chemical engineering degree. She began as a process engineer and worked through a variety of assignments in manufacturing, development, strategic planning, and customer support. She attended Stanford University to earn an MBA and an MS in manufacturing systems engineering.

Ms. Liggett's work has taken her around the globe: Lausanne, Switzerland, with EPFL; Sydney, Australia, with McKinsey Consultants; and Brussels, Belgium, with the European Community Task Force for Industrial Innovation. After graduate school, she joined Raychem, a high-growth materials science company. She completed assignments in sales and marketing, operations, and general management assignments, including GM of Telecommunications and CEO of Elo TouchSystems.

Since then, Ms. Liggett has been CEO of Capstone Turbine, a clean energy company, CEO of Apexon, a manufacturing software company and is currently CEO of NovaTorque, a high efficiency electric motor company. Emily also serves on the Board of Directors of UCT (NASDAQ: UCTT). She loves growing businesses through developing and launching new classes of technology-based products and is proud of developing new conductive polymer applications, such as self-limiting heaters and resettable fuses, introducing touchscreens as computer input devices, and generating energy with clean gas turbines. Solving important problems without causing negative consequences is an important challenge for engineers. Her advice for engineering students is to take time to look at the big picture while respecting the need for attention to detail.

Ms. Liggett was named an Outstanding Chemical Engineer by Purdue in 1999 and a Distinguished Engineering Alumna in 2004. She enjoys applying creativity and problem-solving skills on boards of both for-profit and non-profit organizations as well as in the community, in her church, and with her wonderful family of a Purdue husband and four children.