Grade Appeals Committee

This committee, elected by the faculty, was established in accordance with procedures specified by the faculty of the University at the West Lafayette campus. The full details of the procedure are given in University Regulations.

A student wishing to file a grade appeal within the College of Engineering must file a written statement of allegations, facts, and circumstances concerning the grade assigned with the chairperson of the Grade Appeals Committee within 30 calendar days after the start of the regular semester following the one in which the questioned grade was given.

The chairperson will furnish a copy of the statement to the involved instructor who has seven days to make a response.

Committee members will review the written documents within seven calendar days from the date they are received. If one voting member of the committee rules that the allegations warrant a hearing or are best addressed through a hearing, a hearing will be held; otherwise, the appeal will be denied.

More information on this process can be found in the University Academic Regulations. If you are involved in a grade appeal please review Suggestions and Instructions for students and faculty involved in a grade appeal. Appeals may be filed online through our Grade Appeal Form. For more specific information, please contact 494-0274.

Grade Appeals Committee Intranet – members only; login required.

Alina Alexeenko - Co-chair
Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education
Dana Weinstein - Co-chair
Associate Dean for Graduate Education, Associate Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Hany Abdel-Khalik (term ends 2023 (alternate))
Associate Professor of Nuclear Engineering
Dulcy Abraham (term ends 2024)
Professor of Civil Engineering
William Anderson (term ends 2023 (alternate))
Director of Global Engineering Program / Professor of Aeronautics and Astronautics
Edward Berger (term ends 2023)
Associate Professor of Engineering Education/Mechanical Engineering
Deva Chan (term ends 2023 (alternate))
Assistant Professor In Biomedical Engi
Stylianos Chatzidakis (term ends 2023)
Assistant Professor Of Nuclear Enginee
Sadegh Dabiri (term ends 2023)
Associate Professor Ag/Bio And Mech Engr
Charles Kenley (term ends 2023)
Professor Of Engineering Practice Ie
Aaron Lottes (term ends 2023)
Associate Professor Of Engineering Pra
Enrico Martinez Sainz (term ends 2024)
Professor Of Engineering Practice
Matthew Ohland (term ends 2023 (alternate))
Dale and Suzi Gallagher Professor in Engineering Education, Associate Head of Engineering Education
Lizhi Shang (term ends 2023 (alternate))
Assistant Professor
Wenbin Yu (term ends 2023)
Professor of Aero and Astronautics
Maria Caterina Santagata - Member - Alternate (term ends 2024)
Associate Professor of Civil Engineering
Brett Savoie - Member - Alternate (term ends 2024)
Charles Davidson Assoc Professor Chemi

Graduate Students

Brendan Ball (term ends 2023)
Nih T 32 Training Fellowship
Emily Barber (term ends 2023)
Nsf Graudate Research Fellowship
John Ferguson (term ends 2023)
Pmri Fellowship
Rachel Gehr (term ends 2023)
Graduate Research Assistant
Nafissa Maiga (term ends 2023)
Graduate Research Assistant
Salvador Rojas (term ends 2023)
Graduate Teaching Assistant
Kerry Ann Stirrup (term ends 2023)
Graduate Research Assistant

Undergraduate Students

Bryan Denmark (term ends 2023)
Student Service - 11182
Jane Dillon (term ends 2023)
Ekpeme Gbemiye-Etta (term ends 2023)
Student Service - Service
Corryn Lytle (term ends 2023)
Student Service - Stud Serv
Alexa Stern (term ends 2023)
Main Office Receptionist - Student Cle
Samuel Zhang (term ends 2023)
Bme Undergraduate Teaching Assistant -

Team Award: HP Digital Printing Systems Team

Jan P. Allebach
Electrical and Computer Engineering

Charles A. Bouman
Electrical and Computer Engineering

George T. Chiu
Mechanical Engineering

Mark R. Lehto
Industrial Engineering

Zygmunt Pizlo
Psychological Sciences

Yuehwern Yih
Industrial Engineering