If you would like to...



  • License Purdue technology

Contact the Office of Technology Commercialization.

Chad Pittman, Vice President, Office of Technology Commercialization

  • Provide distance learning for your employees

Contact the Engineering Professional Education office.

Vickie Maris, Director, Professional Development Programs

  • Recruit students for internships or full-time employment

Contact the Center for Career Opportunities.

Tim Luzader, Director, Center for Career Opportunities

  • Recruit students for Co-op employment

Contact the Professional Practice Program.

Eckhard Groll, Director, Office of Professional Practice

  • Support research faculty in your area of interest

Browse faculty research, or contact Corporate Relations.

Andrew Weintraut in Corporate Relations.

  • Become an insider in a specific research group or school/department

Join an industrial affiliates program in your area of interest

The Director of the Affiliate program for more information or Andrew Weintraut in Corporate Relations.

  • Arrange for contract research at Purdue

Contact the Office of the Vice President for Research. Or Corporate Relations.

John Schneider, Assistant Vice Provost for Industry Research or Andrew Weintraut in Corporate Relations.

  • Support students, faculty and facilities through a broad partnership.

Contact Corporate Relations

Andrew Weintraut in Corporate Relations.

  • Collaborate as a full partner in a major research initiative.

Join a research center.

The Director of the Research Center for more information