Info For: Corporate Partners

A partnership with Purdue Engineering is a gateway leading to new ideas, technology, and discovery for the global marketplace. When great minds and talents converge, innovation happens — creating a greater quality of life for all.

  • Recruiting and Career Services
    You need talent, and we have it! Purdue engineers are known for their rolled-up sleeves and strong technical knowledge. They're creative and inventive. And they graduate from our top-ranked programs ready to work in multi-continent, global corporations.
  • Case Studies
    No person is an island. The same goes for Purdue Engineering. That's why we're actively engaging the corporate community to exchange ideas and technological know-how. See our corporate partners in action.
  • Diversity in Engineering
    Purdue Engineering sees diversity as a promoter of greater creativity and innovation. Here, diversity is less about numbers and more about attitude. Purdue Engineering creates opportunities for students to learn in groups that reflect today's global population. For the corporation, this means innovative and creative engineers who are globally competent and prepared to translate ideas into the next great technology.
  • Research Focus
    We are teaming with industry and seeking solutions from virtually every corner of campus to solve whole problems — not just parts. From the atomic-scale breakthroughs in nanotechnology to system-changing solutions that ensure global sustainability, we are focused on day-to-day achievements and committed to tomorrow's success.
  • Entrepreneurship
    From help with forms that take inventors through the patent processes to connections with services offered by Discovery Park, the Office of Technology Commercialization, and the Krannert School of Management, our office is helping bring engineering research directly to the marketplace.
  • Professional Education
    Our partnerships with leading companies in automotive, manufacturing, aerospace, consumer products — and more — are mutually beneficial. The excellence of our academic programs raises the performance bar for your employees attending Purdue classes and brings added value to the workplace. The collaboration between the university and business — shaped by our ability to customize programs to the specific needs and goals of each of our partner companies — enriches and advances the ongoing success and competitiveness of both institutions.