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Honors Engineering Learning Community

The HELC has already provided me with many great resources and desirable positions from which I can springboard into a successful career here at Purdue. A very successful and motivated group of individuals working and living together is a great starting point for advantageous careers and influential positions. Being here has strengthened my ambitions to become an engineer and be successful. I have been fortunate to interact socially and academically with almost all members of the HELC and am grateful for the opportunity to share my first challenging yet exciting year with them.
—Steven Giffin
Civil Engineering

Students who are eligible for the Honors Program are also eligible to apply for the Honors Engineering Learning Community (HELC). The purpose of the HELC is to increase student learning and success by encouraging students to be a part of a community of learners. Approximately 100 students each year live in the HELC. Read what students say about HELC.

Linked Classes - Participants attend classes with other students in the learning community: Honors Creativity and Innovation in Engineering I (ENGR 19500) in the fall, and Honors Creativity and Innovation in Engineering II (ENGR 19500) and First-Year Engineering Seminar-Honors (ENGR 10500) in the spring. Participants are assigned to class project teams only with other people who live in the learning community, making it easier to work on projects.

Residential Experience - Participants live together in a common residence hall. Additionally, the Honors Program staff members serve as Faculty Fellows for your hall. You will share informal dinners where you can discuss your workload, career plans, and campus and community activities.

Co-curricular Activities - Students participate in activities such as:

  • Boiler Challenge Ropes Course
  • Road Trip to the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago
  • Road Trip to Six Flags Great America
  • Engine/Washing Machine Take Apart Labs
  • Model Rocket Building
  • Cosmic Bowling
  • Etiquette Dinner
  • Educational Outreach to local middle and high schools
  • Much more!

How to Apply

Applications are available at the Learning Communities Web site. Spaces for HELC are limited. Students who participate in HELC must also participate in the Honors Program; however, students may participate in the Honors Program without participating in HELC.

Leadership Opportunities - The Honors Residential Learning Community Leadership Board is an excellent way to be a leader within the learning community. The elected members of the Leadership Board have the opportunity to develop and implement activities and makes decisions that will directly affect the success of the learning community.

Research results from these types of programs across the nation reveal that students who participate earn higher grades, make friends faster, and ultimately stay in school and graduate at higher or faster rates than those students who do not participate in learning communities.