Tomorrow's engineers will face a different world

As technological advancements continue to erase our globe's geographical borders and the world population continues to balloon, our students will be asked to solve pressing issues dealing with economic development, poverty, the environment, healthcare, and energy-to name a few. We're revolutionizing our curriculum to prepare our students for their 21st century careers in an increasingly global and fast-changing world.

We make learning interactive for students with programs like EPICS, study abroad, cooperative education, and research experiences.

Part of this revolution, at Purdue you can map your own future. We are cutting across the established boundaries of Purdue's engineering and related disciplines. While we work to provide deep understanding of specific disciplines, we also believe in diverse approaches to learning.

It's in our classes that you begin defining your life as an engineer. And, it's in our classes where we prepare you for tomorrow's job market. Our classes exceed the walls of the lab and classroom. We make learning interactive with programs like EPICS, which matches undergraduates with local community service organizations in order to define, design, build, test, deploy, and support projects that these organizations need. Furthermore, our programs provide a global education through our study abroad programs,real-work experience in our co-op programs, and research experiences for students. Each year, our Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship Program (SURF) has between 150-200 student participants.

To help you achieve your engineering future, we provide you with experienced academic advisors to assist you in choosing a plan of study. We also assist you by providing scholarships opportunities and by helping you find the best financial assistance to achieve your engineering goals.