Report on Giving

David M. Williams
Purdue Engineering — there is a certain standard attached to these words, an expectation and an understanding that this brand is sustained by a global network of Boilermakers forever bonded by the experience of the rigors associated with a hard-earned degree that essentially certifies you as a uniquely qualified problem-solver.

This past year was my first as director of advancement and fourth as a member of the College of Engineering’s development team. I understand that the success of Purdue Engineering has little to do with me. It is entirely dependent upon you, because you — along with our premier faculty and students — are Purdue Engineering.

My role, and that of my development colleagues, is simply to communicate ways for you to sustain and advance the brand that you have already worked so hard to establish. Whether giving of your time in a guest lecture, advisory or volunteer capacity, or providing financial support, you are having a positive impact on the students who benefit from your continued generosity. It is my distinct pleasure to serve you.

The Purdue Engineering family always rises to a challenge, and this past year proved to be no exception. From a development standpoint, the year was defined by multiple matching-gift opportunities. The following “challenges” made it possible for you to double the impact of your philanthropy:

  • The recently completed $7,250,000 Faculty Excellence Challenge Match offered a 1:1 match on contributions of $750,000 or more (payable over four years) in support of named professorships.
  • The ongoing $6,700,000 Indiana Challenge Match provides a 1:1 match for all contributions of $12,500 or more toward new scholarship endowments for Purdue students residing in Indiana.
  • The recently completed $3,000,000 Graduate Education Match provided a 1:1 match on contributions of $50,000 or more (payable over five years) toward endowments designed to support graduate education.
  • The recently completed $2,300,000 College of Engineering Challenge Match provided a 1:1 match for contributions of $12,500 or more toward endowments created to support strategic initiatives in the school or program of your choice and a 1:4 match on endowments established to name headships.

You rose to meet every one of these challenges with contributions totaling $169,323,595.79 for fiscal year 2011-12. Although this figure was bolstered by an “exceptional” software gift-in-kind valued at $61,234,810, eliminating that from the equation still yields $108,088,785.79, which amounts to a four percent increase over the previous high established in fiscal year 2002-03 during The Campaign for Purdue.

Credit for this achievement goes to you — our alums, friends, and corporate and foundation partners — along with our faculty and students, who make Purdue a special place. I am grateful for your investment in Purdue Engineering and promise to continue working to uphold the standard of excellence you have set.


David M. Williams
Director of Advancement