Purdue Engineering | Annual Report 2012

Leah H. Jamieson
All of us in the Purdue Engineering family joined the world in sadness at the recent death of Neil Armstrong. With his loss we all recognized, again, what a profound inspiration he has been, and we gained a new appreciation for his lasting legacy.
Chas Fagan working on the Armstrong sculpture
Soon after the news of Neil Armstrong’s death on August 25, students, faculty and staff began leaving flowers and other mementos at Armstrong’s statue outside Armstrong Hall.
Bob Bowen
Big ideas, dreams realized and tomorrow’s success stories. That’s what the Beavers Charitable Trust is all about. The California-based network of engineers is both a conduit and a home for hundreds of donors whose firm belief in the importance of investing in the future motivates them to support deserving students who will one day lead the heavy construction industry.
Virginia and Larry Faith
For the best among us — those who spend most of their lives making a difference through their careers and in their communities — the desire to have a lasting impact often grows even greater as the years pass.
Experimental equipment
Nuclear engineering is the smallest school in the College of Engineering, but with the support of corporate partners, it is growing.
Arvind Varma
A reputation for excellence drew Jay Ihlenfeld (BSChE ’74) to Purdue’s Chemical Engineering program in 1970. Now he and his wife, Cynthia, hope to fuel that reputation into the future with a gift of $1.5 million, establishing an endowment to name the headship of the School of Chemical Engineering.
Bill Nelson
Bill Nelson’s story reads like an adventure novel. Developing oil in Alaska’s frozen tundra, guarded by professional security in Algeria and making billion-dollar deals in Texas.
Students working
Reach for the moon and you’ll land among the stars, the adage claims. John H. Martinson (MS AAE ’71) proves its truth, and he helps entrepreneurs and educators do the same.
Delon Hampton
Since he founded Delon Hampton and Associates in 1973, his name has been synonymous with engineering excellence. Recently, Hampton attached his name and stellar reputation to Purdue’s civil engineering building with a $7.5 million gift that also honors the woman who raised him.
Ken Price
Ken Price, chairman of Indiana-based Heritage Environmental Services, has helped pioneer what we now commonly refer to as sustainable engineering practices. Little did Price know back in 1980 that he’d be at the forefront of an emerging field, and in a position to help sustain it decades later.
Lawrence Cargnino
In 1964, Professor Lawrence Cargnino established the Cooperative Engineering Education Program within Purdue’s then-School of Aeronautical Engineering. Today, his family honors his vision with an endowed scholarship.
Jim and Louise Voss
A speedy liftoff. An aggressive ascent. A long, productive orbit. A safe re-entry. A landing that came too soon.
What’s the value of a ground-breaking design and a problem-solving innovation if it’s not cost effective? For Charlie Springer (BSME ’59), it’s only a partial solution — and the reason that he’s giving back. His mission is to help engineering students learn how to meld their discipline with sound economics.
How can a 20-minute plane ride change a life forever? In Mike McCulley’s case, it inspired him to become an astronaut.
David Bowker and Jake Denhart
The hosts wore Purdue shirts, decorated their home in old gold and black, and served Arni’s pizza and Purdue cupcakes to 38 guests. Televisions were tuned to the Purdue vs. Northwestern basketball game on Jan. 28, 2012.
Kristi S. Anseth
Each year, the College of Engineering recognizes distinguished alums for their exceptional achievements, contributions and impact. The College of Engineering has more than 82,000 living alums and the distinction of DEA has been bestowed upon 479 of these outstanding individuals.
David M. Williams
Purdue Engineering — there is a certain standard attached to these words, an expectation and an understanding that this brand is sustained by a global network of Boilermakers forever bonded by the experience of the rigors associated with a hard-earned degree that essentially certifies you as a uniquely qualified problem-solver.
Corporate and Foundation Giving
Gifts and pledges from alumni, friends, corporations and foundations totaled $108,088,785.79