E-Week happens annually on campus in April. It is a week dedicated to sharing what engineers and engineering bring to society. PEPC helps facilitate events, speakers, and giveaways throughout this week, with organizations running and participating in events such as trivia nights, etiquette dinners, and org olympics. E-Week is an excellent opportunity for organizations to show off what they’re working on to other engineers and all of campus!

Purdue Engineers Week

April 4-8, 2022

Engineering Week, or E-Week, is an annual celebration of Engineering. Purdue University’s E-Week is organized by the Purdue Engineering Presidents’ Council and is typically celebrated in the spring semester.

This spring E-Week will be celebrated April 4-8. Below is the tentative schedule of events.

E-Week Events

Monday, 4/4
1-3 PM
Engineering Fountain
PEPC Goodie Bag Giveaway
The Purdue Engineering Presidents Council (PEPC) will be passing out goodie bags at the engineering fountain to celebrate the start of E-week! Come grab some treats and learn more about the events going on during E-week.
Tuesday, 4/5
11 AM-3 PM
MSEE Atrium
PESC Rockets and Airplanes
Join PESC on Tuesday, April 5th in the MSEE atrium from 11AM-3PM to build stomp rockets and paper airplanes and compete to win some fun prizes!
Tuesday, 4/5
1-3 PM
BME Building
BMES Table
We will be having supplies such as twizzlers, gummy bears, tooth picks, and paper plates for students to create DNA molecules. We will also be having BME related trivia questions and those that get the answers right will have a chance to win a 3D printed skull.
Wednesday, 4/6
MSEE Atrium
Art x Engineering Art Show
PESC is hosting the second annual Art x Engineering show in the MSEE Atrium. Take a walk through the gallery and check out the artistic talents of your fellow engineering students. All art is welcome: drawing, painting, sculpture, 3D prints, lego creations, models and more. Submit your art here: by March 30th to be showcased.
Wednesday, 4/6
ABE Building
ASABE T-shirt Bleach Dye
ASABE will be doing bleach dyeing of t-shirts outside the ABE building!
Wednesday, 4/6
6-8 PM
Engineering Mentor Corps & CAPS: Tie-Dye Stress Relief
The Engineering Mentor Corps and CAPS are hosting a t-shirt tie-dyeing event to relax and destress. CAPS Liasions and EMC Mentors will be there to chat about mental wellness and managing stress. All supplies (t-shirts, gloves, bags, dyes) will be provided and are first-come, first-serve, but feel free to bring your own clothing items to dye as well.
Thursday, 4/7
9 AM-12 PM
ARMS Atrium
Pancakes with PSEF
PSEF members will be making pancakes for free in the Armstrong Atrium for all to enjoy!
Thursday, 4/7
11 AM-1:30 PM,
Memorial Mall
Lunabotics Digging for Ducks
Purdue Lunabotics will be hosting a "Digging for Ducks" activity. Join us at the Memorial Mall on Thursday, April 7th from 11-2 where participants will take turns simulating digging on the moon to excavate rubber ducks out of a sandbox and win some candy!
Thursday, 4/7
3-4 PM
Stewart Center
PEO Design Kit Giveaway
In celebration of E-Week, Purdue Engineering Outreach will be giving out free building block kits! Meet us at the tables in front of HSEE (within Stewart Center) on Thursday, April 7th from 3 to 4 PM. Come grab and make your very own lego vehicle, aircraft or animal. See you then!
Thursday, 4/7
5-7 PM
Stewart 306
First Generation Recognition
Calling all First Generation students! Please join us for a reception in STEW to celebrate the upcoming graduation of your fellow First Gen students. Snacks and drinks will be provided, along with fun networking games, and participants will receive a free gift.
Thursday, 4/7
6:30-7:30 PM
WALC 3148
Professional Development with ASME
ASME is here to help you perfect your technical engineering skills while also giving you everything necessary to get an edge in the competitive professional world. Join us on Thursday, April 7 from 6:30-7:30pm in WALC 3148 for our professional development E-week event hosted by Engineering Fellow and former ASME President Marcus Lannie.  Marcus has landed 4 internships, grown ASME from 10 to 300+ members, and serves as Chairman of the Board at ASME.  In this professional development event, he will include all the best ideas that aren’t taught in school from his MMM video series and will focus on helping engineering students maximize their experience at Purdue!
Thursday, 4/7
7-8 PM
SWE/PESC College Transition Panel
Join SWE and PESC for this virtual event to learn more about the transition from college to the workforce! Recent college graduates will be speaking about their experiences so far in their professional career, sharing helpful tips, and answering your questions. Join the panel.
Thursday, 4/7
9 PM
ME 1061
Pi Tau Sigma Movie Night
Pi Tau Sigma will be playing Big Hero Six in ME 1061. Come out for popcorn and a movie!
Friday, 4/8
11 AM-1 PM
Engineering Fountain
Pie A President
Join PEPC as we celebrate the end of E-week by pieing the presidents of your favorite engineering organizations! Donations of at least $1 are encouraged, and all proceeds will be donated to a local charity.
Friday, 4/8
6:30 PM
WALC 1132
SASE LinkedIn Workshop and Movie Night
SASE will be holding a workshop for professional online conduct, such as building an effective LinkedIn profile. This will then be followed by a movie night (movie TBD)
Friday, 4/8
7-8 PM
WALC 1211
ATEAM Aviation Trivia
ATEAM hosts a monthly Trivia Night featuring questions from aviation, aerospace, history, and general knowledge. Gather a group of friends to see how well you can do against the other teams.
Friday, 4/8
4-5:30 PM
BIDC Engineering Week Information Seminar
BIDC Engineering Week information seminar - Meet the staff of the Bechtel Innovation Design Center and learn about what the center has in store for you! This seminar will walk through how you can get involved and turn your projects into a reality using the unique facilities an access that the BIDC provides. Learn how to become a TA, pick up hands-on skills and so much more!