Engineering Leadership @ Purdue
A Path to Possibility

What is it?

Engineering Leadership @ Purdue (ELP) is a newly developed, elective engineering leadership development program coupling leadership theory with practice. ELP is home to engineering leadership research opportunities and professional development workshops, seminars, and courses for faculty, staff, and students (undergraduate and graduate) in college.

With a launch date of January 2013, the 16-credit Engineering Leadership Minor offers undergraduate engineering students opportunities to engage in experiential leadership experiences, faculty coaching, and technical leadership across a variety of contexts. To earn the minor, students must complete 7 credits of core courses and 9 credits that must include one experiential course and courses representing 1 or 2 concentration areas (see below). The list of approved courses can be found here.

  • Ethics concentration courses align closely with regulatory, legal, and policy-related aspects of engineering.
    • Sample courses: OLS 34600 (Critical Thinking and Ethics) and CE 52400 (Legal Aspects in Engineering Practice).
  • Global and Societal Impact concentration courses explore the impact of leadership across diverse stakeholders and national and global communities.
    • Sample courses: AGR 20100 (Communicating Across Culture) and AGEC 43500 (Leadership in a Changing World).
  • Creativity and Innovation concentration courses incorporate entrepreneurial and business principles with engineering leadership.
    • Sample courses: ENTR 39000 (Global Entrepreneurship and Innovation) and OBHR 44200 (Introduction to Administrative Decision Making).
  • Communication concentration courses focus on the development of students' professional skills and engagement with technical and nontechnical audiences.
    • Sample courses: COM 22400 (Communicating in the Global Workplace) and COM 37500 (Conflict and Negotiation).

Reasons to apply

  • Develop your engineering leadership skills.
  • Engage with a cohort of engineering students with similar leadership goals and interests.
  • Create an engineering leadership portfolio.
  • Integrate your technical interests and engineering leadership.
  • Mentor the next generation of engineering leaders.
  • Expand your professional network via connections with faculty and industry coaches and contacts.
  • Enhance your professional skills and marketability.
  • Formally document your engagement in undergraduate engineering leadership activities.

Who is eligible to apply?

To be eligible applicants must:

  • Be a student in the College of Engineering.
  • Meet GPA requirements (GPA ≥ 3.0)

How and when can I apply?

ELP launches in the spring semester of 2013. Interested students are encouraged to begin coursework that aligns with requirements for the minor.

To apply, the applicant must complete an on-line application and engage in a face-to-face meeting with the ELP team.

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