Relating Experiences to Campus and Online Opportunities

Teaching Experiences

1. Teaching Workshops Series 1 –

            a. Student-Teacher Relationships

            b. The Nuts and Bolts of Setting Rules for Your Course

            c. Designing a Course From Scratch

            d. How to Avoid Giving a Bad Presentation

            e. Micro-Teaching: Practice Your Teaching

            f. Getting feedback to Improve Your Teaching

            g. Creating the Engaged Classroom: Discussion Techniques

            h. Tools and techniques for Creating Effective Tests

            i. Why Didn't I Get an "A"? Using Subjective tests and Assigning Grades

            j. Are Your Students Cheating? How to Prevent and Respond

2. Teaching Workshops Series 2 –

           a. Making an IMPACT at Purdue: How Course Redesign Can Increase Learning, Make Your Course More
               Efficient, and Reduce Your Level of Stress

           b. The Tales That Teachers Can Tell!

           c. A Healthy voice is a Key for Successful Teaching

          d. Being "Master and Commander" of Your Class

          e. What Do Teachers and Salespeople Have in Common?

3. Courses

          a. CHE 685: Educational Methods in Engineering

          b. ENE 695: Content, Assessment, and Pedagogy

Research Experiences

Responsible Conduct of Research topics available as workshops or online.

          1. RCR -- Human Subjects

          2. RCR -- Research Integrity

          3. Grant Writing

          4. RCR -- Data Management

          5. RCR -- Authorship/Publication (Engineering & Technology only)

          6. Copyright

          7. Plagiarism and Ethical Practices

          8. Roles and Responsibilities

          9. Intellectual Property

Workshops –

Online –

Relating Experiences to Campus Opportunities

Networking Experiences

          1. Job Fairs & Conference Networking

          2. Speed Networking

Check availability and register at:

Personal Development Experiences

          1. Workshops –

                    a. Essentials of Graduate Student Portfolio, Part I

                     b. Essentials of a Graduate Student Portfolio, Part II

                     c. Job Fairs & Conference Networking

                    d. Success in Graduate School

                    e. CV and Resume -- Peer Review

                    f. Roadmap and the Job Search

                   g. Dissertation and Thesis Writing Strategies

                   h. Interviewing and Negotiating Job Offers

          2. Courses

                   a. GRAD 590 : Preparing Future Professionals –

                   b. GRAD 590 : Preparing Future Faculty –

Mentoring Experiences

Online Resource: MentorNet – Mentoring in Engineering and Science --