Purdue University College of Engineering Graduate Student Organizations

Each school of Engineering has a graduate student organization dedicated to enhancing student experience at Purdue through social and scholarly networks, professional development, and opportunities to mentor others or serve

Aero Assist Graduate Student Organization

Aero Assist is the Graduate Student Organization for the School of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AAE).

The goal of Aero Assist is to enhance graduate student experience in the department through providing opportunities for social, athletic, academic, and professional involvement, and to represent AAE graduate students to the department and the university.

Typical activities by Aero Assist include:

• Mentorship Program
• Sport Activities (soccer, football, softball, chess, including pick-up games)
• Study Break Regular Socials
• Other socials (tailgate picnic, corn maze)
• Professional Development Seminars
• Research Symposium Series (co-organized with RSS committee)
• USAF Museum Trip to Dayton, OH

We are very excited to be involved in AAE graduate student life and provide the students with various activities and involvement opportunities. Check out our Facebook page to see what's happenning at the present time as well as posts and photos form the past events!

Officer Roster:

President / GSAC Representative
Diane Sorenson          

Heather Wiest             

Mentorship / GSAC Representative                           
Samantha Alberts        

Jesse Adams                                                                               

Outreach/Research Symposium  
Gina Brescilli                                                          

Professional Development/ Research Symposium Series
Arjun Rao                            

Scott Yantek               

Chris Potter                 

 PGSG Senator
Charles Sese               


Agricultural and Biological Engineering Graduate Student Association (ABE GSA)

The Agricultural and Biological Engineering Graduate Student Association is an organization that consists of students engaging in research or pursuing an advanced degree in the Department of Agricultural and Biological Engineering at Purdue University. The purpose of ABE GSA is to provide ABE graduate students with social, professional development, and mentoring opportunities that enhance and enrich their graduate career at Purdue.

Officer Roster:

Garett Pignotti                         

Vice President
Natalie Chin                            

Caroline Hughes                     

Qingyu Feng                           

Social Activity Coordinator
Leah Liston                             

Social Activity Coordinator
Studie Redcorn                                   

Professional Development Coordinator          
Iman Behesti               

Professional Development Coordinator
Jinsha Li                                 

Recruitment Coordinator
Fuschia Hoover                                  

Recruitment Coordinator
Elizabeth Hawkins                  

PGSG Senator
Andi Hodaj                             

Biomedical Engineering Graduate Student Association

The main goals of the BMEGSA are to facilitate professional networking and social interactions between students within the biomedical engineering (BME) department and to represent the interests of the students to the graduate committee for the BME department.

Officer Roster:

Nimisha Bajaj                         

Vice President
Nelda Vazquez                                   

Tanaya Walimbe                     

Roy Lycke                              

TJ Puls Web                

Purdue Graduate Student Council (Senate)
Tyler Novak                           

GSAC Representative 
Matthew Pharris                 

Outreach Chair           
Meghan Canter                       

MD/PhD Representative
James Wodika                        

PhD Representative
Jim McMasters                        

Master's Representative
Carlina Vivas-Valencia           

Social Chair/Recruitment Chair           
Bre Muratori               

Social Chair/Recruitment Chair - Advisor       
David Axe                  

Chemical Engineering Graduate Student Organization (ChE GSO)

Through GSO, we try our best to provide extracurricular activities which are aimed to complete our graduate school experience and foster a sense of togetherness and cooperation. Not only are these events funded, which means that your costs would be minimal, but these are also a great way to spend wholesome-quality time with your fellow graduate students! So come have some fun and de-stress from your everyday-all day research routines!

Officer Roster:

Nicole Devlin                                     

Vice President/Treasurer
Agnes Mendonca                                

First-Year Representative
Sydney Hollingshead                          

Student Advocacy Officer
Kevin Brew                                        

PGSG Representative
Yanran Cui                                         

Social Chair
Michael Cordon                                              

Sports Chair
John Di Iorio                                      

Outreach chair
Nathan J Davis                                               

Co-curricular Chair
Arthur Shih                                         

Sustainability Chair
Gautham Madenoor Ramapriya                      

Safety Chair
Xin Zhao                                            

Inter-GSO Chair
Arthur Dysart                                      

Civil Engineering Graduate Student Advisory Council (CEGSAC)

The Civil Engineering Graduate Student Advisory Council (CEGSAC) was formed with the purpose of building communication and camaraderie among students, faculty, alumni, and the administration of the School of Civil Engineering. CEGSAC is committed to involving graduate students in the education process by communicating education related concerns and issues of the graduate student body to school administrators.

Officer Roster:

President/ GSAC Representative
Rebecca Essig                         

Vice President  /GSAC Representative
Rachel Chicchi                       

Jessica Holberg                                   

Amy Getchell                         

Electrical and Computer Engineering Graduate Student Association

The Electrical and Computer Engineering Graduate Student Association (ECEGSA) aims to improve the quality of personal and professional life for ECE graduate students by providing discussion forums and holding educational and networking events.

Officer Roster:

I-Fan Lin

Vice President
Krishnakali Chaudhuri


Feiyi Xu

ECE Senator
Krishna Singhal

Awards Committee (Chair)
Krishnakali Chaudhuri

Career Committee
Krishna Singhal

Development Committee
I-Fan Lin

Mentoring Committee (Chair)
I-Fan Lin

Social Committee (Chair)
Krishna Singhal

Seminar Committee (Chair)
Krishnakali Chaudhuri

Inter-Culture in ECE Committee (Chair)
Feiyi Xu

Engineering Education Graduate Student Association (ENEGSA)

The Engineering Education Graduate Student Association was formed to provide for the development of social-professional opportunities for graduate students in the School of Engineering Education.

Officer Roster:

Kelsey Rodgers                                   

Neha Choudhary        

PGSG Senior Chair     
Emilie Siverling          

Graduate Committee Senior Chair
Nicole Pitterson                                  

Graduate Student Advisory Committee Representative
Natascha Trellinger                 

Industrial Engineering Graduate Student Organization

The IE GSO is open to all IE graduate students (M.S. or Ph.D.) with the purpose of improving the professional and personal development of all IE graduate students.

Officer Roster:

Shan Xie                                             

Vice President - Academic Affairs
Mohammad Moshref-Javadi               

Vice President - Activities
Le Zhang                                            

Lu Zhang                                

PGSG Representative
Mina Ostovari                                     

Social Chair
Michelle Jahn                                     

Social Chair
Harsh Wardhan Aggarwal                   

Public Relations Representative          
Tian Zhou                               

Materials Science and Engineering Graduate Student Association (MSE Grad St Assoc)

The Materials Science and Engineering Graduate School Association (MSEGSA) is a group of materials science graduate students dedicated to promoting and improving the academic, social and professional wellbeing of the graduate students in the Purdue MSE department.

Officer Roster:

Kara Luitjohan                                    

Vice President
Derek Schwanz                       

Lisa Rueschhoff                     

Logan Kroneman                    

Mechanical Engineering: Official Mechanical Engineering Graduate Association (OMEGA)

Graduate student organization that runs academic, social and community service activities for the graduate student body of the Mechanical Engineering department.

Officer Roster:

Jelena Paripovic                                  

Katherine Clayton                               

Academic Chair
Abhishek Saxena                    

Social Chair

Sports Chair
Aswin K. Ramesh                               

Outreach Chair           
Eshaan Mathew                                  

Food Chair
Anirudh Roshan Sriram                                  

PGSG Representative
Abhishek Saxena                                

GSAC Representative
Denise Cruise                                     

GWG Coordinator
Shambhavi Balasubramanian              

Alumni/Corporate Relations
Sharon Snyder                                    

Nuclear Engineering Graduate Organization (NEGO)

The purposes of the organization are to facilitate interaction and build a community among graduate students, attract new graduate students, welcome incoming graduate students, provide professional development and contacts, and encourage graduate students to become involved on campus. Moreover, the graduate organization will be designed in such a way so as to meet the unique needs of the department. Nuclear Engineering makes up only 2.5% of the engineering graduate enrollment (2007 figures), but has students working in several different, often non-overlapping research areas: fusion, materials, thermal hydraulics, neutronics, and laser research. The specificity of these areas often hampers graduate student interaction between different research groups. The creation of the NEGO aims to remedy the situation, in addition to furthering professional and academic development.

Officer Roster:

Phillip Forsberg                                               

Vice President
Amina Hussein                                               

Theodore (TJ) Novakowski                

Ram Anand Vadlamani                                  

Engineering Graduate Student Advisory Committee

  • AAE
    • REP: Diane Sorenson
    • ALT: Samantha Alberts
  • ABE
    • REP: Garett Pignotti
    • ALT: Natalie Chin
  • BME
    • REP: Matthew Pharris
    • ALT: tbd
  • ChE
    • REP: Nicole Devlin
    • ALT: tbd
  • Civil
    • REP: Rebecca Essig
    • ALT: Rachel Chicchi
  • ECE
    • REP: I-Fan Lin
    • ALT: tbd
  • ENE
    • REP: Natascha Trellinger
  • IE
    • REP: Shan Xie
    • ALT: Le Zhang
  • MSE
    • REP: Kara Luitjohan
    • ALT: tbd
  • ME
    • REP: Denise Cruise
    • ALT: tbd
  • NE
    • REP: Phillip Forsberg
    • ALT: Amina Hussein
  • ProEd
    • REP: Sheena Anum
    • ALT: tbd