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A Engagement-Service
B Mentoring
C Networking
D Personal Development
E Research & Scholarship Development
G Teaching
F Work-Life Balance
G Purdue Engineering Libraries Guide


This workbook is an expansion of the PDF entitled "Relating Experiences to Campus and Online Opportunities" and is a professional development resource for graduate engineering students provided by the College of Engineering Office of Graduate Education and Interdisciplinary Programs. Click the links below to access additional professional development materials from the College of Engineering Graduate Programs website.

Career Development Planning Worksheet
Identifying Professional Development Experiences
Mentoring Handbook
Relating Experiences to Campus and Online Opportunities

All of the above materials (AND MORE!) can be found on the College of Engineering (COE)


This workbook maps engineering professional development experiences outlined in the PDF entitled "Identifying Professional Development Experiences" to opportunities and resources at Purdue University. The experiences and/or skills described are useful for future engineering professionals and faculty with advanced engineering degrees to begin a successful engineering career.

How to maximize opportunities to grow professionally

     1. Review the above listed materials
     2. Take your time and revisit the information provided in this workbook
     3. Visit the COE Graduate Program Website
     4. Visit the Graduate School Professional Development Workshops Website
     5. Review and remain current on graduate research seminars and courses offered in  our engineering schools each semester

This workbook is a "one-stop-shop" living document. It will be continuously modified to help graduate engineering students utilize resources at Purdue University. If you would like to add a resource to this workbook, please email and provide the official title of the resource, active link, and workbook professional development experience. Also, if you find any inactive links, please email the name of the inactive link to