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Taking the exam

Tests will be administered through Testing Services on the designated test day. Arrive at the exam room by 7:15 AM.

The FE and FLS exams are closed book exams. However, a new FE Reference Handbook will be provided to the FE examinees.

Book bags, books, paper, purses, cell phones, pdas, calculators with text-editing or communication capabilities, laptops, food or drinks are not allowed in the exam room.

You are only allowed to bring three items with you to the test:

  1. You must bring a government issued ID, e.g. a drivers license or passport. Purdue photo IDs are no longer accepted! If you forget to bring the correct ID your exam material will be collected and you will be required to leave the exam room. A positive ID check will be made four times during the exam!
  2. You must bring your Admission Authorization Notice, sent to you by NCEES. This notice will have your Examinee ID number on it.
  3. You may only bring calculators approved by NCEES into the exam room. Approved calculators do not have communicating or text-editing capabilities (i.e., a calculator without an IR-port or a QWERTY keyboard). You are allowed to bring spare batteries for the calculator.

    See the NCEES website's calculator policy page ( for a list of approved calculators.