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How will I know if I've passed?

You will receive results when available following the test administration. The NCEES website says that's generally about 2-3 weeks after the test date.

This brings up very important topic: while filling out the application form, think carefully about what permanent address you are going to write down.

It is not the responsibility of either Purdue University or the Indiana Licensing Bureau to track you down after your graduation. You have to keep the Licensing Bureau informed of any permanent-address change that happens after the time you filled out your application form.

In general, that means that the use of dorm addresses or other temporary local addresses should be avoided at all cost.

If you pass

To begin the formal process of receiving an Engineer In Training (EIT) Certificate you must verify your graduation to the Indiana Professional Licensing Agency (IPLA) by sending an official transcript to the following address:

Indiana Professional Licensing Agency 
Indiana Government Center South, Room E034
302 West Washington Street
Indianapolis, IN 46204-2246

Phone: (317) 234-3022