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Who can take the exams and when do you take them?

A student enrolled in an ABET-accredited engineering curriculum at Purdue may take the FE examination prior to the student's scheduled graduation.

Students may take each of the examinations (FE and/or FS) only once using the student application. If you need to take one of the exams a second time, you must complete the entire Indiana state forms: the Application for Certification of Engineering Intern (Form 9101) or the Application for Certification of Land Surveyor-in-Training (Form 49328).

Dual-degree majors

If you are a dual-degree senior (land surveying engineering / civil engineering or land surveying engineering / construction engineering management) and wish to become both a Registered/Professional Surveyor and a Registered/Professional Engineer, you are allowed to take the FE exam prior to graduation.

Ineligible to enroll using the student application:

If you are in one of the categories listed below, we are not allowed to admit you to the FE/FS exams at Purdue and you should go to the IPLA (Indiana Professional Licensing) website for registration.

  • Graduate students in engineering
  • Anyone with a BS, MS or PhD who has received their bachelors degree in engineering prior to the exam date
  • Undergraduate students in engineering or surveying technology