Sunday June 26, 2011

Expected workshop outcome: 

  • Motivation and ideas for how individuals can incorporate their own topics of interest into their curriculum
  • Exchange of contact information with other individuals (ideally interested in similar issues) from their table
  • Action plan for implementing some non-technical-type component into their curriculum

Workshop participants will be sorted upon entry by interest area.


20-30 minutes  - Introduction, facilitated by moderator

  • What are we trying to accomplish?
  • What are you going to take away? 
  • What are the current barriers?

10-15 minutes per speaker - Stephen Hoffmann, Asst. Head, Purdue University, Division of Environmental and Ecological Engineering; Rodney Trice, Associate Professor, Purdue University, School of Materials Engineering; PK Imbrie, Professor, School of Engineering Education; (30-45 minutes) Moderator:  Anne Dare, Graduate Research Assistant, Purdue University, Agriculture and Biological Engineering.

  • Key:  De-emphasize the topic, focus on the (1) outcomes, objectives, (2) methods, and (3) assessment
  • Each speaker will address the same set of questions and follow a standardized PowerPoint template 

20 minutes - Open conversation about presentations, facilitated by moderator and presenters

  • Have questions prepared, consider participatory approaches

30-45 minutes - Extended break

  • Participants are to develop some sort of outline of a component they may implement in their curriculum

20 minutes - Work time with groups to finalize plans, share and polish ideas

20 minutes - Voluntary presentations