Purdue Engineering Strategic Plan

Investing in Our Dreams

Making the stories come to life will require significant resources over the next several years and beyond to sustain the momentum that our roadmapping teams have built. As detailed below, resources will come from many sources, with private fundraising as the key enabler of our envisioned future.  The last area, Cost and Resource Management, asks us to identify ways we can conserve resources so reserves can be refocused on our highest priorities. 


A $530M investment in the future by Purdue stakeholders, alumni, partners, and friends −

Always@PurdueEngineering $160M
Scholarships, Fellowships & Student Support $105M
International & Experiential Programs $10M
College-wide i2i Learning Labs $20M
Student Projects Facility $10M
Learning HUBs $10M
"Faculty of 2020" $5M
ChangeTheWorld@PurdueEngineering $120M
Endowed Professorships, Global Fellows & Scholars $25M
System of Systems Institute $15M
Technology-Policy Partnerships $25M
World-class Research Facilities $25M
Research HUBs $5M
Post-award Support & Research Galaxies $25M
Innovate@PurdueEngineering $110M
Innovation Ecosystems: Innovation Institute, Skunkworks, Collaboratory $75M
Endowed Innovation Fellow & Agents $20M
Alumni/ae Classroom Innovators $15M
OurPeopleOurCulture@PurdueEngineering  $90M
Leadership Sabbaticals & Fellowships $10M
Faculty Learning Communities $10M
Faculty Rotations & influencers in Residence $20M
"Staff of 2020" $20M
Center for Diversity (Coe/C4D) $30M
Other Capital Projects & Unrestricted Support $50M
Core facilities in CoE, ABE, CE, ECE, IE, ME, NE and unrestricted support

Generated Fees

We will continue to look for ways to generate new revenue streams to support and sustain new initiatives. Our best current example is Engineering Professional Education.


We will reallocate 2% of general Funds and align discretionary expenditures to support our highest priorities.

Sponsored Programs

Both the university and the college set goals to double research expenditures by 2014, which suggests a six year annual growth rate of ~15% per year for the college.

University Leverage

We will work with the university to share investment in activities that support common goals and strategies.

Cost and Resource Management

As a Land Grant institution supported by the State of Indiana, we recognize our obligation to the state’s citizen’s to provide affordable education and stewardship of the resources entrusted to us for this purpose. The college will search for implementable resource efficiency measures in all its operations, including improvements to policies and procedures, provision of required services, and resource effective improvements to infrastructure. These efforts will be on-going, performed in a culture of continuous improvement.