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Purdue Engineering Strategic Plan

Transformative growth

Purdue Engineering's 2009-2014 strategic plan, "Extraordinary People, Global Impact"--an expression of our vision, aspirations, and goals--took on a new dimension with the dramatic expansion of the College of Engineering, which is to increase the size of the CoE faculty by as much as 30% and the CoE staff by 30% by 2017. Our expansion will make Purdue Engineering one of the largest engineering colleges in the nation, an exciting achievement in its own right.

A strategy to shape our future

We are using this growth as an opportunity for transformational change, amplifying our impact on the world. The goals associated with our strategic growth leverage our strategic plan to form a strategy for impact 2009-2016: "Extraordinary People, Extraordinary Growth, Extraordinary Impact."  In these pages, you will find the broad strokes of our plan for strategic growth in the context of the strategic plan inspiring that growth.

Our stories

More than 400 faculty, staff, students, alumni, and friends around the globe helped conceive and articulate the substance of our journey. Four stories capture the essence of our plan: "One Vision, Three Goals, Four Stories" .



We will be known for our impact on the world.


To advance engineering learning, discovery, and engagement in fulfillment of the Land Grant promise and the evolving responsibility of a global university.