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"To accomplish great things, we must dream as well as act." -Anatole France

People: Students

We will recruit the highest-quality undergraduate student body by
collaborating with the Office of Admissions, the Division of Financial Aid, and the Engineering Alumni Association to effectively identify and recruit a diverse and global population of top high school prospects, such as National Merit scholars, and to offer competitive scholarships.

We will recruit the highest-quality graduate students by
identifying high-potential, diverse talent from top undergraduate engineering programs and key institutional partners; attracting students who qualify for and receive prestigious fellowships, such as National Science Foundation fellowships; developing improved strategies for attracting the best international and domestic students; and offering competitive fellowships and assistantships.

We will expand and improve the PhD program by
reducing time to degree completion, attracting potential PhD candidates earlier in the educational process, enhancing faculty mentoring, and increasing PhD enrollment.

We will retain students by
providing active advising, faculty and peer mentoring, learning communities, rich research experiences, opportunities for engagement, and professional role models.