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Programs: Learning, Discovery, Engagement

We will offer a unique and memorable educational experience by
creating innovative curricula that integrate new knowledge and respond to changing needs; pioneering advanced teaching and learning methodologies; developing programs emphasizing engineering education; seeding educational innovation in the signature areas; and partnering with other academic units, institutions, and companies to develop programs that emphasize entrepreneurship, ethics, and leadership.

We will provide undergraduate students flexibility by
offering joint and interdisciplinary degree programs; expanding the Honors Program in collaboration with the engineering disciplines and the University Honors Program; creating an undergraduate Biomedical Sciences and Engineering program; and redefining the role of Interdisciplinary Engineering.

We will increase flexibility in the graduate program by
supporting traditional and interdisciplinary educational programs, promoting cross-discipline advising, developing professional engineering degree options and a distinct MS non-thesis degree path, cultivating opportunities for faculty positions at prestigious academic institutions, and preparing PhD graduates to excel in their careers.

We will instill in students a sense of responsibility to their profession, their communities, and society by
expanding the campus and national Engineering Projects in Community Service (EPICS) programs; facilitating active involvement in professional student organizations and participation in national conferences; encouraging co-curricular, experiential learning through curriculum integration of student-sponsored outreach activities and engineering competitions; and preparing students for future certification as professional engineers.

We will develop a global perspective and emphasize professional practice by
expanding international study and work opportunities, improving access to cultural and language studies, expanding the scope of and increasing the options for industrial cooperative and internship experiences, and pioneering undergraduate research fellowships and internships.

We will promote and support lifelong learning by
expanding the scope of the Continuing Engineering Education program through increased offerings, domestic and international sites, and participation in distance learning and other traditional programs (degree, nondegree, short course, topical conferences, etc.); enhancing collaborations with the engineering disciplines and outreach programs, other academic units, and the Division of Conferences; and integrating with other learning, discovery, and engagement activities.