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"The greatest achievement of the human spirit is to live up to one's opportunities and make the most of one's resources."
—Marquis de Vauvenargues

Funding the Plan
Revenues to fund the expenditure gap between current activities and the actions identified in the strategic plan fall into five broad categories as outlined below.

Private fundraising will help support the goals of this plan through the University's $1.3 billion seven-year (2000-07) Campaign for Purdue. While the Engineering portion totals $482 million over the seven-year capital campaign period, the Engineering campaign goals for the five-year strategic plan period total $330 million, as detailed below.

Engineering goals for Strategic Plan period 2002-07
Facilities and Equipment — $174 million
Student Support — 45 million
Faculty Support — 63 million
Programs —23 million
Unrestricted — 25 million

Sponsored Programs
We will collaborate with the engineering faculty, the Office of Research, and Discovery Park so that research awards to engineering faculty or involving engineering faculty collaborators increase at the desired rate. The anticipated increase in expenditures will finance the increased strategic research activities and centers, as well as help support additional research professionals, improve graduate research assistant stipends, increase fellowship support, leverage equipment purchases and faculty start-up funding, and enhance programs for graduate student and faculty diversity.

Engineering resources will be reallocated annually to support priorities of the plan, such as aligning compensation levels to our benchmark institutions for new and existing faculty, providing start-up to new faculty, funding professional development opportunities for faculty and staff, and providing career advancement for staff.

State Assistance
Additional support will be requested from the State of Indiana through the Office of Government Relations to assist with new, high-impact academic programs, new construction, and major renovations, including the following projects:

Bonding authority for new construction
Millennium & ME Planning Grants ('01-'03 biennium—approved) $ 1.9 million
Millennium Engineering Building ('03-'05 biennium—approved) 36.0 million
Biomedical Sciences and Engineering Building ('03-'05 biennium—approved) 13.0 million
Mechanical Engineering addition ('05-'07 biennium—anticipated) 13.0 million

Annual increase for academic operations
Biomedical Sciences and Engineering Program ('03-'05 biennium—approved) $ 5.0 million
$2.5 million new and recurring budget funds beginning in 2003
$2.5 million additional new and recurring budget funds beginning in 2004

University Leverage
We will collaborate with the University to leverage external resources through the Office of Research and Discovery Park for cost sharing on research grants, the Graduate School for fellowship support, the Office of the Treasurer for R&R (facilities renovation and restoration) support, and the Purdue Research Foundation for bridging funds to smooth spending flows for privately funded construction.

In addition, we will work with the Provost to increase the General Funds provided to the Engineering budget to support salaries for the 75 new strategic faculty positions; improve the student-to-faculty ratio; support undergraduate research and other new initiatives; and provide technical support, computing, and advanced equipment and instrumentation for instructional laboratories.