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"Excellence is an art won by training and habituation. We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit."

Challenge and Opportunity
Our five-year strategic plan sets forth the path we will follow on our journey from excellence to preeminence.
It incorporates the best ideas from our faculty, refined with input from our key constituents: students and parents; staff; alumni and friends; and academic, corporate, and government partners. The elements of this plan express our commitment to educate engineers, discover new knowledge, and share what we learn to improve our campus and local community, Indiana , the nation, and the world.

Established in 1869 and named for benefactor John Purdue, Purdue University was founded in response to the Morrill Act of 1862. This bold new vision for American higher education promoted teaching the agricultural, military, and mechanical arts. Purdue Engineering, a fundamental component of Indiana's land-grant university, is a core strength in the University's portfolio.

Renowned as a global resource for engineering talent and discoveries that improve the human condition, we contribute across the spectrum of basic and applied knowledge, from the theoretical to the practical. Our graduates and our faculty are inventors, explorers, entrepreneurs, and leaders. They shape our military and our social services. They influence education, commerce, policy, and governance. In short, they have changed the world; they make a difference wherever they live and work; and their future potential inspires awe.

Today the bold vision of Purdue's founding is challenged as globalization, engineering advancements, and changing workforce demographics redefine our society. This is a time of unprecedented opportunity to transform the institutions that educate engineers, grow leaders, and create new knowledge.

We, the Engineering Leadership Team and all who have already committed to moving this vision forward, accept the challenge and invite you to be our partner.