Strategic Growth Principles

  1. We will strive for transformational change. Collectively, the change will have a positive impact on all dimensions of our mission, including learning, discovery, and engagement.
  2. We will plan for the long-term future – on the order of 20 years - when making decisions.
  3. We will use this growth as an opportunity to broaden our college’s diversity.
  4. Our decisions will respect the relationship between activity and resources.
  5. Our decisions will be informed by a solid foundation of data.
  6. We will not compromise quality for the sake of spending the newly allocated funds quickly or fully.
  7. We will generate and consider creative opportunities for growth and not be constrained by exact timelines and dollar amounts.
  8. Our decisions will be supported by resource feasibility to ensure the sustainability of our growth.
  9. Our growth will have a positive impact on the climate for the whole College.
  10. Undergraduate differential fees contribute to the expansion plan funding and will be carefully stewarded. We will be prepared to communicate clearly how the differential funds are directly benefiting our students.
  11. We will promote and leverage this expansion to generate significant gift funding.
  12. We will be inclusive and transparent in our discussions and decision making.