Purdue team takes 4th in EcoCAR 2 competition

The "EcoMakers," a team of students from the College of Engineering and other Purdue colleges, took 4th place in the three-year EcoCAR 2 competition behind first-place finisher Ohio State University, and University of Washington and Penn State, which came in second and third, respectively. The competition challenged 15 North American universities to reduce the environmental impact of a Chevrolet Malibu without compromising performance, safety and consumer acceptability.

Managed by Argonne National Laboratory and sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy, GM and 30 other government and industry leaders, the competition gives students the chance to design and build advanced vehicles that demonstrate cutting-edge automotive technologies.

Purdue's EcoMakers was one of only six teams to successfully complete the challenging Emissions and Energy Consumption event. The EcoMakers also won for best braking distance, and was runner-up for the lowest greenhouse gas emissions.