Purdue ECE team places second in international 2016 IEEE Signal Processing Cup

A team of eight ECE students, led by Stanley Chan, assistant professor of electrical and computer engineering, placed second at the March 2016 IEEE Signal Processing Cup in Shanghai, China. The ECE "Hammer Down" team was the only U.S. team to be selected for the finals. The other two finalists were from India and Bangladesh.

The ECE team also received a special recognition award for originality.

The 2016 Signal Processing Cup is an international undergraduate competition that explores using a time-varying signature embedded in media recordings to determine the location-of-recording and to solve challenging real-world problems using signal-processing techniques.

Photo, From Left to Right: Benjamin Vondersaar (Purdue ECE, graduate student), Siqing Wei (EE, junior), Fangjia Zhu (EE, junior), Alexandria Moore (EE, junior), Christopher Chow (EE, junior), Gregory Dykes (EE, junior), Samuel Sowell (EE, junior), Houman Zarrinkoub (Mathworks, Senior Product Manager), and Stanley Chan (Purdue ECE, Assistant Professor)