Office of Academic Affairs introduces Concierge Program

As part of the College of Engineering's transformational growth, in April Klod Kokini, associate dean for academic affairs, established a Concierge Program to enhance the college's ability to attract and retain talented faculty. Michelle Jansen, program director, provides job-search assistance to partners of prospective faculty and current faculty, and helps new faculty and their families transition to Purdue and the local community.

Cris Crozier, visa and immigration specialist, recently was hired to lead efforts to centralize the college's visa and immigration process. Currently, nearly 20 staff members from across the college process visa paperwork. A centralized visa processing system will free up staff in the schools so they can focus on their core duties. Beginning in early September, the program's administrative assistant, Brett Swann, will support Jansen and Crozier. For more information, please visit the Concierge Program website.