Govindaraju and former student receive STAHY Best Paper Award

Rao Govindaraju, Bowen Engineering Head of Civil Engineering and the Christopher B. Burke Professor of Civil Engineering, and one of his former Ph.D. students have been recognized with the STAHY (Statistics in Hydrology) Best Paper Award for 2013.

The paper was titled, "A copula-based joint deficit index for droughts (2010)," and appeared in the Journal of Hydrology, 380 (1-2), pp. 121-134.

Their winning paper was drawn from an original field of 238 papers published 2009-2011, and initially evaluated based on the number of their citations. The papers were then culled to a list of 20 papers that were further evaluated by officers of the International Commission on Statistical Hydrology (ICSH).

As a result of their award, Govindaraju and his former student, Shih-Chieh Kao, were invited to speak at the ICSH annual workshop in Kos Island, Greece, earlier this month (October 2013). Shih-Chieh Kao presented on their behalf.