Purdue Engineering Impact Magazine Fall 2010

Construction Engineering and Management On My Mind

Construction engineering and management is a creative field. Don’t let the calculus fool you. In this fall 2010 issue of CEM Impact, we are spotlighting the intersections between the arts and engineering. From passionate patrons of the arts to our own students enjoying creative pursuits, the arts are truly all around us.

Our field demands that students excel not only in technical knowledge, but that they also manage others well. Not all engineers are successful managers, and many of them are fine with that. But the “m” in CEM dictates this goal of managerial excellence. Our students need a good balance between people and technical skills, which requires use of the right and the left sides of the brain.

In many cases, the construction engineer needs to have a visual of the problem he, or she, is trying to solve. If you have a creative bent like an artist or musician, then your visual capacity is much enhanced. You’re then able to capture the image of the problem in your mind and put the different pieces together to find a solution. And engineering is about finding creative solutions.

I hope you’ll take the time to read the stories of our wonderful students, faculty, and alumni. They’re embracing the arts, supporting the arts, and soaring to new heights.

Makarand “Mark” Hastak
Professor and Head

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December 08, 2010
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December 08, 2010
Unique challenges from art museum’s job site inspire CEM grad
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December 08, 2010
Trio of CEM students connect the dots between the arts and construction engineering
Abhijeet Deshmukh's photo of a monkey