Purdue Engineering Impact Magazine Spring 2010

Nuclear Engineering On My Mind

Welcome to the Spring 2010 edition of Nuclear Engineering Impact — my first as the head of the school. Given its thematic leanings of responsible risk-taking, this issue is very close to my own research heart. As director of Purdue’s Center for Materials Under Extreme Environments, I have the daily pleasure of working alongside extremely bright and passionate researchers and graduate students both on campus and throughout the world. Our collective breakthroughs on the cutting edge of fusion — as detailed in the cover story — could dramatically change humanity for the better.

I am equally proud of the faculty, staff, students, and alumni who continuously demonstrate the best of our best. From undergraduates promoting nuclear power benefits while simultaneously dispelling nuclear myths throughout Nuke Week, to the graduate students looking for better ways to help each other through our challenging programs, to our alums who are finding success in many fields, it’s easy to see why our relatively small school is so highly regarded among top nuclear programs.

I hope you’ll take the time to read their stories, understand the importance of big-risk, big-reward research, and continue to remain informed and excited about the possibilities of nuclear engineering. And whether you’re an alumnus, a research partner, or simply a friend, your connection to and support of the School of Nuclear Engineering is sincerely appreciated.

Ahmed Hassanein
Paul L. Wattelet Professor and
Head of Nuclear Engineering

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