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The Purdue School of Industrial Engineering, with great assistance from its distinguished and engaged Alumni Advisory Council, has developed and is executing an ambitious strategic plan that aligns with the University’s “New Synergies” strategic plan and the College of Engineering’s strategic plan for 2009-2014.

The college’s plan, “Extraordinary People, Global Impact,” sets the college on a course to deliver the changes needed to reach our ultimate goal of benefitting humanity by graduating preeminent engineering leaders and producing imaginative and innovative research. The plan identifies research initiatives in clearly defined “Signature Areas.”

The IE strategic plan follows this lead by identifying those signature areas for which IE will either drive or play a major role: Systems of Systems, Healthcare Engineering, Advanced Materials and Manufacturing, Global Sustainable Industrial Systems, Energy, Information, and Communication and Perception Technologies.

In addition, the school’s strategic plan specifies our plans for evolving the curriculum to educate the Industrial Engineer of 2020. It focuses much attention on collaboration internally between the broad specialty areas of the IE discipline, as well as externally in multidisciplinary efforts. It also calls for IEs, with their breadth of knowledge and systems orientation, to lead the attack on many of society’s grand challenges. As such, it provides a great blueprint for the school to follow.

To achieve its objectives, the School of Industrial Engineering must perform and coordinate stellar research in each of the signature areas and must translate this knowledge into the curriculum and applications — and it is prepared to do just that. IE has strong ties with Discovery Park and other multidisciplinary entities; it has a growing faculty, enthusiastic about the focus of the plan; it has an energetic and involved core of IE graduate and undergraduate students; it has entrepreneurial experience and spirit, and it has the full support of the College of Engineering. Leah Jamieson, the John A. Edwardson Dean of Engineering, has clearly stated that, “IE is on the right track and completely in line with the College of Engineering’s goals and objectives.”

By following its strategic plan, the School of Industrial Engineering will be well on its way to achieving its vision of becoming the world’s leading industrial engineering school. On this journey, it will have a continuous transformative impact on the IE discipline and on society as a whole.

Joe Pekny
Interim head of the School of Industrial Engineering

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