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Purdue Engineering Impact Magazine Spring 2010

Construction Engineering and Management 21st Century Evolution - Innovative construction technologies to grow the industry

Welcome to the Spring 2010 issue of CEM Impact magazine. Our focus this issue is risk taking and innovation. As institutions of higher education rush to address concerns of global importance, it is imperative that we, as a discipline, continue to reach out in new and unexplored directions.

In this issue you will read how CEM at Purdue is defining itself as a new interdisciplinary paradigm, one poised to tackle the needs of an ever- changing field. Through calculated and informed risk, we are realizing significant strides in research and innovation.

What an exciting time for CEM. From students taking on internships in burgeoning areas; to new faculty bringing diverse expertise into our already rich intellectual community; to alumni in industry who continue to achieve greater heights; and finally our many forward-thinking donors who support our upward trajectory in the future — all these are our sturdy partners in facing the challenges ahead.

Thank you for your continued enthusiasm and support. Together we grow our legacy as a leader in this field as we reach even greater heights.

Makarand “Mark” Hastak
Professor and Head

Academic Crossroads
May 04, 2010
A practitioner and a researcher bring their perspectives to CEM.
Victor Gervais
Changes and Challenges
May 04, 2010
Construction industry trends and technologies will influence CEM education
Tom Kudele
Renaissance Engineers in the Making
May 04, 2010
Two CEM students use summer experiences to prepare as Engineers of 2020
Camp Builders
Legacy Learners
May 04, 2010
Two CEM seniors benefit from memorial scholarship
Lloyd Jones
Beyond Expectations
May 04, 2010
How a construction engineering degree prepared one engineer to switch gears
Peggy Newquist