Heroes Award celebrates unsung dedication

At this year’s Heroes Award celebration, nominees from across the university community came together to learn about each other and celebrate their individual and collective dedication to the Purdue spirit.

Bonnie SondgerothMeant to recognize the uncelebrated heroes in the Purdue family, the award shines a spotlight on those “who have acted with persistence, selflessness, and integrity to overcome adversity, achieve an ambitious goal, and positively influence those around them.”

CEM’s own Bonnie Sondgeroth, secretary for the division, was nominated this year. Anyone who has worked with Bonnie knows that she embodies the inspiration and Purdue spirit of the award. In her role within CEM, Bonnie primarily serves undergraduate students, personally investing her time and efforts to make sure that each of the students receives personal care and attention, even beyond graduation. She fosters a sense of family and camaraderie among students starting in their first semester. Her enthusiasm for the students and what is possible boosts their spirits and attitudes in a way that translates into their success, both academically and professionally.

Congratulations, Bonnie, on a well-deserved nomination!