Student teams compete in spring regional competitions

Author: William Meiners
In April, Purdue student teams participated in the Concrete Canoe and Steel Bridge competitions at the Great Lakes Regional at the University of Notre Dame.

Crew TeamWhile neither team floated or built its way to a win, a good time was reportedly had by all… as these pictures bear witness.

According to Steven Buck, a senior in civil engineering and the Purdue chapter president of the American Society of Civil Engineers, these activities “allow us to apply everything we learn in the classrooms.” And for the concrete canoe competitors—from the designers of hull to the mixers of the concrete—the event calls for a special collaboration of students from the various subsets within the civil engineering program.

For Buck, studying structural engineering, the Steel Bridge Competition falls a little closer to his heart and
career calling. “To design and build the bridge, we had to learn about what kind of stresses could be put on the bridge, what kind of load it could take, and figure out the geometry of the bridge,” he says. “So it all allows you
to get an in-depth look about what
you will be doing once you graduate.”