Purdue Engineering Impact Magazine Fall 2009

Civil Engineering Economic jumpstart - investments in transportation

In this issue of Civil Engineering Impact, we are focusing on our school’s outstanding transportation research programs. Our transportation area faculty and students are developing innovative approaches to address complex national infrastructure challenges. A number of current research projects are highlighted in the following articles. Also in this issue, we have included articles highlighting recent experiences of our faculty and
students, including information about our new study abroad program in China. I am confident that you will be impressed when reading about the successes of our school’s students, faculty, staff, and alumni.

M. Katherine Banks
Professor and Bowen Engineering Head of Civil Engineering

Compliment guys notice the best in passersby
October 14, 2009
Sometimes nice guys finish first. Or at least gain some recognition for their efforts.
Any stimulus should also aim for sustainability
October 14, 2009
Can an investment in transportation infrastructure, either for new construction or renewal, have an impact on the economy? If so, how do we measure the impact and how can the information be used in making investment decisions?
From local to global impact, how transportation initiatives can change the world
October 14, 2009
While economic woes certainly have dominated headlines in recent months, President Barack Obama's plan to create millions of jobs in the United States by "making the single largest investment in our national infrastructure since the creation of the federal highway system in the 1950s" could help overhaul the transportation industry.
Civil engineering students travel abroad to learn first hand about sustainable design
October 14, 2009
Assistant professor of civil engineering Ming Qu has taken her show on the road—all the way to her native China.
A civil engineer unearths new possibilities for growth
October 14, 2009
Professor Antonio Bobet is having deep thoughts about research. Deep underground, that is.
Pankow family gift brings state-of-the art materials lab to Purdue
October 14, 2009
In a land with aging infrastructure, the ability to determine what causes concrete to crack becomes big business. It’s part of the day-to-day business of Jason Weiss.
Alumnus credits blue collar background with his white collar success
October 14, 2009
Economic times may be affecting foot traffic in retail stores, but greeting cards aren’t staying on the shelves. Even in an Internet age, the tradition of giving birthday cards to friends and loved ones appears to be standing the test of time and technology.
2008 CEAAA winners recognized in April ceremony
October 14, 2009
In April, the School of Civil Engineering honored five alumni with Civil Engineering Alumni Achievement Awards (CEAAA). This was the 16th annual awards ceremony. Congratulations to our newest CEAAA recipients. Their brief bios follow.
A veteran in the office of structural engineering marks 35 years of service
October 14, 2009
When Barbra Streisand was singing “The Way We Were” and the American public was adjusting the rabbit ears on their television sets to get “Happy Days,” Molly Stetler and her trusty typewriter were already working for Purdue.
Student teams compete in spring regional competitions
October 14, 2009
In April, Purdue student teams participated in the Concrete Canoe and Steel Bridge competitions at the Great Lakes Regional at the University of Notre Dame.