Purdue Engineering Impact Magazine Winter 2009

Materials Engineering Materials Engineering

50 Years of Materials Engineering
April 06, 2009
The School of Materials Engineering celebrates its 50th anniversary in 2009, recognizing a road well traveled and a future of infinite possibilities.
On the Sunny Side of the Street
April 06, 2009
Solar racers build and drive unique ride
Materials Engineering Completes the Puzzle
April 06, 2009
In the quarter of a century since Jim Karl (BSMSE '81) left Purdue, he's been a one-town, one-company man.
Solidifying New Alliances
April 06, 2009
What's old is new again. Metal casting, an integral step in every type of metal processing and manufacturing operation, dates to the Bronze Age when early man began pouring copper and tin allows. While the art behind metal casting is age-old, the science is still being investigated, and the applications are ever changing. These range from precision shape casting of single-crystal turbine blades to advanced remelting and casting of ingots for production of all wrought-rolled, extruded, and forged-alloys.
Addressing Sustainability Issues
April 06, 2009
Save our fragile planet! Go green! How should the engineering faculty address the complex issues of sustainability? How should the Materials Engineering faculty take a leadership role?