RISE Project Boosts Boiler Sports Experience

Students, staff, and faculty of the Center for Wireless Systems and Applications (CWSA) successfully demonstrated their Rich Immersive Sport Experience System (RISE) for Motorola executives and Purdue administrators during November's Old Oaken Bucket game against Indiana at Ross-Ade Stadium.

The RISE project, which was funded by a grant from Motorola, is an enhancement to the current eStadium system. RISE integrates the functionality of television displays, television set-top boxes, and PCs with SmartPhones used as “next generation” remote controllers to enable sports multi-media content to be arranged, bundled, and moved across the various platforms for display.

The RISE project was implemented using approximately 26,000 lines of C code written by Purdue undergraduates from ECE, CS, and CIT as a team research project in ECE 495TUV, Vertically Integrated Projects. CWSA Research Coordinator Aaron Ault and Professor James V. Krogmeier supervised the team with significant input from alumni Cuneyt Taskiran and Kevin O'Connell of Motorola's Applied Research and Technology Center in Schaumburg, Illinois. A paper on the RISE system design, media bundle technology, multimedia content synchronization, reliability, and system scalability is being presented at the CCNC conference in Las Vegas in January 2009.

-James Krogmeier