100 Years of Purdue ChE Accomplishments Highlighted

During the 2008 centennial year of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers, several ChE alumni as well as current and former faculty were recognized.

Henry Rushton (ChE faculty member, 1955-71; AIChE president, 1957) was named one of the 50 Eminent Chemical Engineers of the Foundation Age.

Paul Oreffice (BS '49), former chief executive officer, Dow Chemical Co., was named one of the Top 25 Industrial Executives.

Three of the 30 Groundbreaking ChE Books were written by Purdue faculty during their tenure with ChE: Process Systems Analysis and Control by D.R. Coughanowr and L.B. Koppell, Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics by J.M. Smith and H.C. Van Ness, and Chemical Process Industries by R. Norris Shreve.

Mary Ellen Weber (BS '84), an astronaut, is listed among the 9 Chemical Engineers in Space.

Henry T. Sampson (BS '56), coinventor of gamma-electric cell technology used in cell phones, is listed among the 20 Chemical Engineers in Other Pursuits.

Faculty member Sangtae Kim was named one of the 100 Chemical Engineers of the Modern Era, along with former faculty member Nicholas A. Peppas (1976-2002), and school alumni Kristi Anseth (BS '92), Mike Ladisch (MS '74, PhD '77), and Vern Weekman (BS '53, PhD '63).