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Purdue Engineering Impact Magazine Summer 2008

Electrical & Computer Engineering Electrical & Computer Engineering

Hands-Free Cars?
December 03, 2008
From faculty members with startup companies to graduate student work that has the potential to change the way we live and learn, ECE researchers are affecting change in the world beyond the university campus. In the process, ECE has become a hub for entrepreneurial endeavors at all levels.
Neudeck's Legacy: Mentor Extraordinaire
December 03, 2008
Gerold W. Neudeck, a pioneer in silicon device research, spent nearly 40 years at Purdue.
Engineering Art
December 03, 2008
To long-time building services employee John Oilar, the university’s engineering program epitomizes not only advancements in technology but also in artistic expression.
Keeping the Edge Sharp
December 03, 2008
Albert DaValle Jr. on what it takes to become a successful entrepreneur.
Traffic Report
December 03, 2008
Andrew Weiner wants us to move faster. Not at the supermarket checkout or the drive-up at Starbucks; he wants to move our data faster, at rates of speed previously only dreamed of.
Designed to Make a Difference
December 03, 2008
Few senior design projects have as exciting a potential for application in the real world as those of Craig Rewerts and Chia-Yiaw Chong.
ECE Alumnus Gives Back - In A Big Way
December 03, 2008
A former electrical engineering student returned to Purdue in May to fund scholarships in his field. Charles Wallrodt (BSECE ‘63) of Glen Ellyn, Ill., contributed $5 million for electrical and computer engineering.
What It Takes to Succeed
December 03, 2008
Alumnus Rich Niemiec on classes, companies, and character.