ChE Ambassadors Club

The inaugural event of the ChE Ambassadors Club was held in Naples, Florida, in early April. This new chemical engineering alumni group was initiated by Dick Hazelton (BS ’64, HDR ’98), Phil Krug (BS ’52, OChE ’94), Don Orr (BS ’61, HDR 2006), David Rea (BS ’62, DEA ’96), Jim Schorr (BS ’54, HDR ’87), and Bill Wishlinski (BS ’68, OChE ’93). The mission of the club is to provide a forum for alumni leaders to get together socially, periodically connect with the school for updates and discussion, and, as a club, make a modest donation to support the school. Initially, the club plans to establish an endowment in the name of the ChE Ambassadors that will provide perpetual funding for scholarships and other school needs. The founders believe the club is the first of its kind for Purdue Engineering! The next get-together is being planned for the Penn State football weekend in early October. Please contact Jim Schorr at, if you are interested in learning more about the ChE Ambassadors Club.

- Linda Davis