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Purdue Engineering Impact Magazine Summer 2008

Civil Engineering Civil Engineering

Seeing 20/20
August 06, 2008
Through a grant and the use of case studies, a Purdue research trio is turning the classroom into a real-world training arena for business-minded engineers.
Happiness Is a Warm Place and a Good Bottom Line
August 06, 2008
An entrepreneurial alumna shares her business success story.
Bringing the Heat to Bowen Lab
August 06, 2008
With his breakthrough research on large floors and full-length columns, a structural engineer is gaining a greater understanding of a building’s overall fire-structure stability.
World Shakers
August 06, 2008
Bowen’s renowned earthquake specialists look to minimize the damage of temblors.
Big Brother on Campus
August 06, 2008
With his eye on the prize of a master's degree in civil engineering, Daniel Salazar plans on making a difference in the world he lives in.
Concrete Plans
August 06, 2008
An entrepreneur’s path is seldom set in stone—even in a field as specialized as cement production.
CEAAAs Honored
August 06, 2008
Civil Engineering presented six new Civil Engineering Alumni Achievement Awards this past April.
A True Boiler in the Basement
August 06, 2008
From her underground office in the Civil Engineering Building, a lab manager has—for 35 years now—helped put students and safety first.