M4 Sciences

Delivering Products to Meet Needs

Central to M4 Sciences’ mission is the development of its first product, TriboMAM™, which introduces a new class of Modulation-Assisted Machining processes (MAM) and machine tool devices with the potential to transform machining performance and capability. “Manufacturers of precision components, ranging from automobile parts to biomedical devices, are under constant pressure to reduce cost while improving quality and delivery,” Mann says. “New, innovative machining technologies are needed to sustain product development and production of the high-performance products that improve quality of life. Examples include ultra-precision orthopedic components and instruments and high-performance fuel injection or hydraulic components for improved automotive and aerospace transportation safety and efficiency.”

Funding is ever a challenge to small startups. For M4 Sciences, licensing technology through Purdue has enabled the company to adopt a strategic financing plan that combines the strengths of successful programs from the National Science Foundation, the Indiana 21st Century Research and Technology Fund, and private investment to commercialize the new MAM technology. Mann believes the products and processes for ultra-precision machining that the company specializes in are demonstrating compelling value to the customer, a value that has the potential for endless business development.