Circle City Co-ops

Cooperative students in Indianapolis are gaining work experience early.

Near the end of June, Bryan Hubbard and Linda Higgins left the relative calm of summer’s campus for a road trip to Indianapolis. Their purpose: to drop in on several civil engineering cooperative students and touch base with their employers.

Beginning the day with a visit to students working near Monument Circle, Hubbard, whose slew of director roles includes that for industrial relations, civil engineering co-op and internship programs, as well as construction engineering and management internships, was eager to see how the students were adapting to the real working world in some extended time away from the classroom. Higgins is the undergraduate administrative assistant who has worked with many of these students since their first days on campus. The trip also allowed her to see some civil engineering graduates now at the start of their careers.

“There are currently many firms around the country looking for co-op students,” Hubbard says. “We are working very hard to recruit more students into this excellent program, which provides significant experience so the students can hit the ground running when they graduate.”

–William Meiners