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Purdue Engineering Impact Magazine Winter 2006

Civil Engineering Civil Engineering

Building Blocks
January 25, 2007
Civil engineers are key to success in the healthcare and eldercare construction business.
Hospital Builder
January 25, 2007
One alumnus explains the philosophy behind the construction of healthcare facilities and his motivation to design them.
Ending Water Shortages
January 25, 2007
A professor, new to Purdue, takes on the challenge.
Water Ways
January 25, 2007
A young researcher hopes to transform his curiosity for what lies beneath surface waters into breakthroughs for a healthier environment.
Student Recruitment
January 25, 2007
An ROTC student has designed learning modules to show civil engineering in action.
Ross Camp Revisited
January 25, 2007
Shared stories and a Homecoming weekend help revive memories of the summer surveying camp.
Circle City Co-ops
January 25, 2007
Cooperative students in Indianapolis are gaining work experience early.