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Purdue Engineering Impact Magazine Spring 2006

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Seeking Sustainability
July 03, 2006
Engineering for an environment of climate change, population pressure, and limited resources.
America's Energy Production System for 2050
July 03, 2006
It's the year 2050. Where is the United States getting its energy from, and what are the implications of our choices?
Gathering Data From Earth and Sky
July 03, 2006
To assess environmental impacts, researchers first have to collect data and make sense of it.
H2O Cleanup
July 03, 2006
According to the World Health Organization, 80 percent of all sickness in the world traces to unsafe and inadequate water supply and sanitation.
A Tale of Bridges and Bats
July 03, 2006
A group of five enterprising civil engineering students spent spring semester designing a pedestrian bridge for a busy intersection in West Lafayette.
Taking Emissions Measure
July 03, 2006
Any livestock operation involves messy considerations—odor, waste disposal, and potentially contaminated runoff among them.
NOX-Free Exhaust
July 03, 2006
Of the six air pollutant emissions that the EPA has tracked since the 1970s—carbon monoxide, lead, particulate matter, sulfur dioxide, volatile organic compounds, and nitrogen oxides (NOX)—all have decreased significantly except for NOX.