Purdue Engineering Impact Magazine Spring 2006

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Water Enlightenment
July 03, 2006
Disinfecting drinking water with UV is fast and efficient. A cross-disciplinary collaboration has developed a better way to monitor its efficacy.
Making a World of Difference
July 03, 2006
Civil engineers are at the forefront of environmental engineering innovation.
View From Above
July 03, 2006
There's an African flood every year that drops down like an enormous hand. Five months after the rainfall in February, the Okavango Delta in Botswana-peaking in August as right as rain-spills over like dripping fingers.
A Look Underground
July 03, 2006
For Joe Sinfield, an assistant professor in civil engineering, the chance to quickly identify compounds underground is the driving force behind his desire to miniaturize laboratory equipment that can be taken straight to the fields.