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Purdue Engineering Impact Magazine Fall 2005

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The Energy Challenge for Our Generation's Engineers
March 01, 2006
Modern civilization has coasted on fossil fuels, but Earth's supply will peak—then decline. We need a sustainable energy future. Purdue Engineering with support from its partners is taking solving this predicament to heart.
Clean Coal
March 01, 2006
At Purdue's Energy Center's Coal Transformation Laboratory, the aim will be to make better use of plentiful Indiana coal, which accounts for 3.5 percent of U.S. coal production.
Field Crop As Fuel
March 01, 2006
Biofuels promise to play a big part in the transition from fossil fuels to a sustainable energy supply.
Safer Fission
March 01, 2006
On the nuclear front, researchers at Purdue are focusing on making this energy source safer.
Solar Power: Photovoltaic, Electrochemical, Hydrogen
March 01, 2006
In two hours, the energy of the sun's light that reaches the Earth's land surfaces equals what the world's current population consumes in an entire year.
Mike Ramage and the Road to the Hydrogen Economy
March 01, 2006
As chair of the National Research Council's committee on the hydrogen economy, this retired ExxonMobil executive and Purdue alumnus articulated for Americans the opportunities and obstacles inherent in a future powered by the universe's most abundant element.
Turning in the Wind
March 01, 2006
Mark Engstrom's summer building a Kansas wind farm helped put a new spin on his view of energy.